Kitten Trouble

Kittens are absolute cute little troublemakers. With the levels of curiosity peaking, they are into every thing they can possibly reach, biting everything they can, and get themselves stuck into the most random places. The other day I had to pull my own kitten out of a drawer he got stuck in.

Recently we took on a litter, and got to watch them grow up since week one. They are all very cute, rambunctious bundles of joy ready to have fun, and are about 7 weeks old. I don’t think I have every help raise a cuter batch of baby cats. Every morning is like a bucketful of absolute joy. They certainly have grown up very fast, and have been trying to climb up us like scratching posts. They also have super spurts of energy which makes spending time with them absolute fun.

I don’t think I’ve ever had so many cuts on my legs in my life. I very much think it is worth it, and they are getting old enough to get taken to other homes! I can’t wait for Lightning and Dyna to see their new owners! They are both so well behaved, and we know their owners will absolutely love them, and I am very glad to see where they are going.

When we first got the litter to take care of, we sadly lost two of the kittens. That’s expected with any litters of cats, but it was sad nonetheless. Anyways, I could keep talking about how cute, adorable, and wonderful the little guys are, or I could certainly show you cute images of them.


Mim Dyna Lightning

Cat stare Shy little Dyna Dyna Hiding Away Dyna Dyna is comfy Kittens-23 mim Kittens-18 Kittens-16 Kittens-15 triple Kittens-11 Dyna stare rawr Kittens-7 Mim
Lightning Dyna being silly

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